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Guide to Nominating a Tree

The tree must be located within the city limits of Parkersburg, WV. Any tree species may be nominated. The species can be native to this area or introduced.

The tree nominated must be at least 9½" in circumference (at a height of 4½' above average ground level) and 13' tall.

Help in Completing the Form

1, 2. A good source for identifying trees and their common and scientific names are:

Trees of West Virginia, by Hicks, available from the WV Division of Forestry. A more comprehensive listing may be found at Plants Database. This online website is maintained by the National Resources Conservation Service of the USDA and can be found at

3. Circumference is measured 4½' above average ground level. This is known as Circumference at Breast Height or CBH.

Some considerations when determining CBH:

A. On sloping ground measure the 4½' at mid-slope. i.e. 'where the acorn grew'.

B. If a tree forks below 4½', measure only the largest fork.

C. If a tree forks or a limb protrudes at 4½' and there is a swell in the circumference, measure the smallest circumference below 4½'. Record this distance above mid-slope.

D. On leaning trees the 4½' is measured along the axis of the trunk, while making sure the circumference is taken at a right angle (perpendicular) to the axis of the trunk.

4. Give location as a street address and describe where on the lot the tree is located. On larger lots or tracts of woodland indicate where the tree is located from an easily recognized land mark. If GPS coordinates are available include them here.

5. Circle only one.

6. Include any item of interest concerning this tree. Such as who planted it, who got married under it, was it a survey corner or witness tree, etc.

Please identify the owner(s) by name, mailing address, and phone number(s) and or email address where they can be contacted. If the owner is a government agency get the appropriate information.

If the owner is the person nominating the tree just put "same", otherwise record the same information for the nominator.

Sign your name, and date the form.

“I never before knew the full value of trees. Under them I breakfast, dine, write, read, and receive my company.”
—Thomas Jefferson

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Big Tree Database

Note: Trees highlighted in red are the biggest of their kind known in West Virginia and are on West Virginia Division of Forestry’s State Register.

Parkersburg Big Tree Contest Winners

Big Tree Nomination Form

Big Tree Nomination Guide

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